Manufacturing Operations Management

Enabling businesses to shift
from digitization to digitalization

Enabling businesses to shift from digitization to digitalization

Enabling businesses to shift from digitization to digitalization


With the increasing demand for high quality, fast delivery, low cost, and rapid customization, manufacturing industries are now realizing the need for digitalization. Manufacturers across the world are slowly making the bold move towards a digital journey and are reaping the benefits of innovation and technology. Becoming a digital enterprise is one step toward Industry 4.0 and staying ahead of the competition.

Manufacturing Operations Management software products focus on improving efficiency, flexibility and time-to-market, including solutions that address:

  • Advanced Planning and Scheduling
  • Manufacturing Execution
  • Quality Management
  • Manufacturing Intelligence and Performance
  • Research, Development and Laboratory

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To meet demand and secure profitability in the increasingly dynamic and competitive markets, manufacturers need agile supply chains, synchronized production operations, and real-time plant visibility.

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Global competition necessitates manufacturers find ways to optimize production operations by reducing or eliminating non-value-added activities. Innovative technology continues to aid in this process, with various degrees of complexity in integrating that technology into the manufacturing operations workflow.

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With IBS QMS, you get quality, production, traceability and compliance control for your productivity advantage. It is a process-oriented, modular system that can be fully integrated – Siemens PLM has designed a solution that enables customer-specific applications to provide quality assurance independent of vertical integration, production processes/models and stage in the supply chain.

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Camstar enables global networks of manufacturers, brand owners, and suppliers to produce the highest quality products, quickly and efficiently. Camstar provides easy to use and robust manufacturing execution systems (MES). Camstar is experiencing continued growth in key markets worldwide.

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Watch this video to understand Closed-Loop Manufacturing and how Siemens is supporting the process of getting high-quality products to market on time.

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