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Operational Excellence in an organization requires people, systems and processes working towards providing value to the customer and fixing whatever causes the flow to break down. Several barriers may come in the way of achieving operational excellence such as lack of collaboration resulting in duplication of efforts, multiple data sources, and difficulty in knowledge sharing, aligning senior management for working on business goals, operational model design and using technology to monitor work and performance. It is extremely crucial to overcome these barriers to run and grow a company

Backed by our strong technical team and powered with cutting technologies, our Operational Excellence solutions are designed to catalyze positive transformation across an organization.

Standardized Work

Standardized work effectively combines people, products, and processes under the current conditions to improve quality, cost, safety, ease of operations, etc. Furthermore, it forms part of the base for Just-In-Time production by preventing over-production. Finally, standardized work functions as a basis for comparison enabling us to drive meaningful continuous improvement.


  • Reduction in variability
  • Consistency in work quality and performance
  • Reduction of margins for errors
  • Easier onboarding of new operators in the system
  • Establish work standards

Capacity Requirements Planning

With this methodology, you will be able to analyze and determine the required production capacity against the current production capacity, question resource utilization assumptions optimizing man, machine, method, material, and money.


  • Set realistic expectations while committing to customers
  • Prevent the loss of trust and revenue
  • Plan better by understanding the number of resources required for a project
  • Improve man, method, machine, material and money utilization

Ergonomics & Safety Design

If productivity and improving quality is one of your business objectives, then ergonomics should be on your top priorities. Ergonomics aims to improve workplaces and create a safe, comfortable and productive environment for the workforce.


  • Ergonomics can prevent musculoskeletal injuries
  • The design solutions make workstation more efficient
  • Improve delivery quality and performance as workers get to work in a well-suited environment
  • Improve employee engagement by ensuring their health and safety

Layout & Flow Optimization

By evaluating multiple plant layout scenarios, we design an optimum layout that is perfectly suited to your business needs ensuring safety, noise, clearance and other factors are met.


  • Reduce material handling costs
  • Improve throughput
  • Lower energy bills
  • Minimize space requirements
  • Enable continuous improvement

Material Handling Automation

Automation in material handling reduces or eliminates human interference and gives you full control of operations.


  • Minimize the risk of errors
  • Increase throughput and pick up rates
  • Reduce labor costs and handling costs
  • Shorten delivery times
  • Ensure better monitoring & management and product quality control

Low-Cost Automation

This solution is designed for manufacturers who are not thoroughly convinced in adopting modern technologies for your complete manufacturing unit. In this methodology, we use some degree of automation around existing systems, equipment, methods and people using available standard components.


  • Low investment required
  • Low risks involved
  • Changes are smooth, gradual and cost-effective
  • Simple technologies are easier to understand
  • Labor resistance will be minimal and hence faster development

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