Note from Nikhil Joshi, Founder & CEO of SNic Solutions on the launch of our new company name, logo and website.

By October 4, 2017News

We are pleased to introduce our new name, ‘SNic Solutions’, new company logo and a new website as a part of evolution and our organizational identity. In these 11 years of business, SNic Solutions has grown to become a global leader in industrial engineering and management consulting domain, serving the needs of customers across manufacturing, distribution, logistics, airports, ports, hospitals and hospitality.

Our new website demonstrates our expertise, service, value, and recognition we have built over the last decade. We have entered new markets in South East Asia, Europe, Africa, UAE and USA and are committed to providing continuous improvement and productivity with our expertise in IE and management, Simulation Modelling and Predictive Analytics, Advance Planning and Scheduling and Supply Chain Optimization.

SNic Solutions has always been committed to providing customers with top quality solutions and customer experience at competitive prices. We have rebranded to reflect who we are today and to represent the value commitment we promise towards our customers, partners, and associates.

We will continue to deliver our best to facilitate the most valuable outcome and experience for you!
I request you to please share your comments, feedback and to stay connected with us on this journey.

Nikhil Joshi
Founder & CEO, SNic Solutions