With an industry experience of 11 years, we are enabling businesses to shift from digitization to digitalization

With an increasing demand of high quality, fast delivery, low cost and rapid customization, manufacturing industries are now realizing the need of digitalization. Manufacturers across the world are slowly making the bold movement towards a digital journey and are reaping the benefits of innovation and technology. Becoming a digital enterprise is one step toward Industry 4.0 and staying ahead of the competition.

Streamline and digitalize your business processes with our MOM solutions.

Digital Twin

Build a bridge between physical and virtual world by simulating your product lifecycle and diagnosing breakdown points.


  • Prevent downtimes by identifying flaws in advance
  • Plan better for the future by analyzing data and monitoring responses
  • Be prepared for possible scenarios that could impact your business

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Keep track of all manufacturing information in real time and compare planned versus actual updates in production floor.


  • Reduced production errors
  • Capture rejection and apply ripple effect for subsequent operations
  • Make proactive decisions ensuring product delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner

Advance Planning and Scheduling

Analyze and plan your entire manufacturing process. Advance planning and scheduling systems enable you to do detailed production scheduling, capacity planning and demand planning.


  • Manage raw materials and production capacity at an optimal level and meet demands
  • Get real time planning and scheduling, decision support by evaluating multiple scenarios
  • Optimal balancing of demand and plant capacity
  • Improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes
  • Get greater visibility and control to increase utilization
  • Increased on- time deliveries
  • Reduce inventory level wastage

Leaders need to see opportunity in Disruption and SNic Industrial & Systems Engineers have the engineering craftmanship to hand hold organizations improve delivery and efficiency in this disruptive Industry 4.0 era.


Nikhil Joshi, Founder & Director, SNic Solutions

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