Redefining the way manufacturing industry runs and grows

Manufacturing business today is undergoing a disruptive change through digitalization and internet of things. There is an increasing demand for profitability, throughput, speed of processes and high quality while complying with regulatory and environmental policies. Rapidly changing environment calls for increasing flexibility in managing complex interactions and efficient use of resources without affecting quality of products.

With our solutions, manufacturing industry is clearly realizing innumerable possibilities!

Business benefits you get

Design, improve and validate processes

Cross- discipline development in a unified environment

Quickly adapt to changing operating structure

Improve transparency and accuracy across value chain

Optimize process productivity and efficiency

Improve performance and profitability

Flexibility in managing complex environments

Efficient use of resources

Examples of our work

One of India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of filter plates utilized SNic’s expertise in increasing visibility to see impact in planning and optimize their delivery time. After successful assessment and implementation, their on- time delivery increased from 60% to 95%, overall capacity of existing plant improved by 22% and financial savings of more than $1.5 Million.

A tool manufacturing brand for watchmaker needed to minimize setup times and delivery performance without compromising delivery dates. After careful analysis and solution implementation, capacity planning on productivity increased by 90%. They realized a direct 20% increase in revenue. Capacity utilization showed the opportunity to increase productivity by changing technology of few resources.

We helped a thermoplastic and thermosetting manufacturer from Brazil in providing on- time deliveries. Other deliverables included improved resource utilization, reduced lead times, better internal coordination and huge gains in service levels.

A tubes and tyres manufacturer operating in more than 60 countries was able to improve their on- time delivery with our solutions. Other business results included reduction of work in process inventory, reduced planning and paperwork and increased utilization of equipment with reduced labour costs.

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