Transforming the way healthcare is managed around the world

Although healthcare is one of the largest, fastest and the most dynamic growing industries in the world, the current systems used in most institutes are flawed. Breakdown in efficiency, ineffective timelines, ambiguous communication, absence of effective communication, continuity of care, breakdown in efficiency are few factors that fail to develop great experience with patients.

Business benefits you get


Efficient use of time: eliminate non- value-added lags in processes. E.g.: Reduce patient waiting-time, cater to more patients at a given time., etc.


Improve overall patient’s experience at healthcare centres


Better decision making by doctors with integrated systems

Examples of our work

In India, the ratio of cancer patients to Oncologists is 2000:1 as compared to US where the ratio is 200:1. The Government has recognized cancer as the 2nd most significant cause of death and are working towards better clinics and reach by 2019. In the meantime, with existing facility, it becomes critical to treat and educate patients about the risk of cancer.

With our solutions, one of the world’s largest biotech company and a global pioneer in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics increased their patients per day visit by 30%. Non- value added work was re- distributed which allowed the doctors to spend more quality time with their patients.

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