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Timer Pro Professional

is a complete measurement solution that supports and helps you minimize waste and add value to your manufacturing system. The solution offers a unique integration of PDA, Video, and Excel-based time measurement, graphic data manipulation, work balance capabilities and rapid estimating.

Timer Pro Professional is ideal for those involved in process engineering, lean operations, Kaizen and Six Sigma initiatives to rapidly identify cost reduction opportunities and method improvements. Timer Pro Professional Software application is used for classification thereby making all study effective, accurate and visible.

Benefits you get

Accurate process measurement which improves throughput, planning and costing

Reduce cost and identify method improvements

Increase output and profitability

Eliminate waste

SNic Solutions is one of the few firms in India to use cutting edge software applications for Lean Manufacturing improvements, implementation and validation. Engineers at SNic apply methods study techniques in arriving at elemental activity break up; classify activities into Value Added (VA), Non-Value Added (NVA) and Required Non-value-added activities (RNVA).

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