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is a world leader production planning and scheduling software, It is used by a broad range of businesses globally.

Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) is a system of software tools and techniques which helps in analysis and planning of entire manufacturing process. SIMATIC IT Preactor APS is a highly customizable capacity planning and scheduling package. The complete range of solutions are designed for detailed production scheduling, capacity planning and graphical master production schedule.

Benefits you get

Manage raw materials and production capacity at an optimal level and meet demands

Optimal balancing of demand and plant capacity

Get real time planning and scheduling, decision support by evaluating multiple scenarios

Improve the synchronization of your manufacturing processes

Get greater visibility and control to increase utilization

Increased on- time deliveries

Reduce inventory level wastage and much more!

Easier impact analysis and change management

What we do as System Integrators?

Every business works differently and solutions ideal for one business may not necessarily work for others. We understand the importance of customizing offerings to perfectly suit your business needs. Our team works to understand your specific requirements and integrates Preactor to work alongside and facilitate, rather than replace your existing systems. We ensure that your systems are seamlessly integrated with Preactor and matches your requirement. We also provide comprehensive after sales support including maintenance and repair.

We won the ‘Best Case Study of the Year 2014’ award from SIMATIC IT Preactor, Siemens for our client, Pradip Polyfils Pvt. Ltd

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